Thank You!

Dear Friends,

I have had an incredible time over the past week evaluating a run for Congress to fill John Dingell’s seat following his retirement.  I have had great advice and no shortage of excited backers.  All of you are simply wonderful, and I am humbled by how much you believe in me.  I have decided, however, not to do it, and to run instead for my second term in the Michigan Senate. 

Make no mistake, this was a tough choice.  I had to either give up the chance to carry a strong progressive voice to our nation’s capital or give up the work I have done in Lansing to advance some of the issues I’m most passionate about, from protecting our Great Lakes to creating greater security for women, children and families.  At times it seemed like an impossible choice.  

But the truth is, ultimately, it wasn’t that hard.  My heart is in Lansing right now. I have got a great team, and we are doing meaningful work in ways that few others are able.  When I thought about what I could accomplish for people in the state capital versus the nation’s capital, it was clear that, for now at least, I can do the most good working for Michigan, in Michigan. 

I want you to know I was not bullied out of this race. I was never afraid of the fight. And I did not take a deal to walk away. That is simply not my style. I did my due diligence: the polling showed a path to victory; I got commitments for hundreds of thousands of dollars of support; and I laid out a campaign plan that would have made it a competitive contest.

But I was raised to serve others, to put your interests in front of my own. While there was a lot of excitement for a Congressional run (I will admit, I was pretty excited too), for every one person that urged me to go to Washington, ten people said how badly they wanted me to remain in the daily battle for Michigan’s future in Lansing. There is unfinished work there, and I am just not ready to let it go.

So, thank you.  Thank you for your passion and your faith.  Thank you for wanting to fight for a new Michigan future.  Don’t relax any of that energy, we’ve still got a lot of work to do in Lansing.  I will be there, ready to fight by your side.

With sincere thanks,